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Eco-Friendly Down Comforters

One of our exciting new comforter collection design is called the Organa Down Comforter Collection. This down quilt features organic and non-genetically engineered fabrics that will appeal to all of our eco-conscious customers.  The duvet shell is made of a combination of fabrics including Organic Cotton and Lyocell. The Organic Cotton comes from non-genetically engineered seeds and the Lyocell fabric comes form the eucalyptus tree fibers another renewable resource.  The Lyocell fibers have a very super soft feel and when combined with the Organic Cotton become very durable and allow for the wicking of moisture from the body. The Organa is filled with quality Hungarian white down which is lightweight, fluffy, airy and wonderfully cozy while sleeping. The Organa Down Comforter is an exciting "green" and eco-friendly product and a real must in every home.

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