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Blog at Down Comforter World

Blog at Down Comforter World

  1. Elegant and beautiful duvet covers and bed linens. Our Windsor Collection, is simple with clean lines and fits into almost any decor. These linens are soft, with a triple braid design that comes in 7 different colors and will compliment any down comforter. Check them out.
  2. Need Gift Ideas? Down Comforters make great gifts for Christmas. Comforters will keep your loved ones toasty warm through cold winter nights. Check out our Cascade Classic comfort duvet filled with white goose down. We have sizes galore.

  3. Sale Black Friday Sale Coming This Week.
    Check out our website this week for great savings on all down comforters. As the temperatures have been dropping, now is a great time to move to a medium weight comforter. Some of my favorite medium weight comforter picks are listed.
  4. Two months until Christmas. Yes you have heard right. This is a great time to begin early Christmas shopping. Check out our beautiful, warm and lightweight down blankets.

  5. Baby Down Comforters. Wrap your little ones in a very light weight and warm comforter. Check these out.

  6. Its the first day of fall and a great time to transition to a medium weight down comforter. Check these out.

  7. Back to School Sale. Its that time of year to set up a dorm room for college age loved one or school age student. Our twin down alternative comforter is a great choice as the fiber inofil offers you down-like warmth loft and softness. Check this one out.
  8. Sitting around the campfire gazing at the stars. Wrap yourself in a down throw. It will keep you snugly warm.

  9. Summer is the time for house guests. Treat them to a very special stay by having a quality down comforter on your guest bed. Check out this comforter.

  10. Oh So Cute
    Check out this down alternative comforter for your pet. Easy care, easy wash, light weight and oh so cozy.

  11. Consider a down alternative comforter for your camper van, cottage or vacation condo.  They are easy maintenance, light weight and mimic the feel of down.  The other great thing is that these comforters come in very large sizes all the way down to toddler sizes.

  12. Check out our light weight down blankets. They provide just the right amount of warmth for your summer night sleep.😀

  13. Sale. Lest celebrate Independence Day and Canada Day with a sale. All of our inventory is 10% off for this long week end.
  14. Our Duck down comforters are light weight, ideal for summer use and especially budget friendly. Check out our selection today.*-Q*-Q

  15. Down Alternative Comforters.
    Check out our great selection of down alternative comforters. They are easy care, light weight, great for use on week ends away at the cottage and are at a great price point.

  16. Summer is here and with it the sunshine and warm weather. This is the time to switch out from a warmer weight down comforter to a summer weight down comforter. Check out this very light, fluffy and light weight down comforter.

  17. May Long Weekend sale is now on. Everything is on sale. The extra savings will show at check out. Have a look.

  18. Happy Mothers Day
    A great gift idea for your Mom. A warm fluffy and lightweight down comforter.
    Check this one out.

  19. Hungarian Down Comforters.
    Comforters filled with hungarian down is considered as some of the best down available. The down clusters are large, fluffy, lightweight, with exceptional warmth. Check out our selection of Hungarian Down Comforters.

  20. What is the benefit of a baffle construction down comforter?
    Quality comforters are constructed with a baffle box construction to prevent the shifting of down. Baffles are vertical walls of fabric sewn inside each down comforter resulting in the creation of separate boxes to hold the down. These baffles provide some depth and a place for the down. Baffles secure the down filling and assist in distributing down evenly throughout the comforter and prevents cold spots in the comforter.

  21. Polish down is a premium quality white goose down wih superior loft properties.  Our polish white down comforters have 700+ loft which provides warmth, and these comforters are very fluffy and light weight.  Chek our Nirvana and Himalaya polish white gooose down comforters.
  22. Weekly Special. This week I would like to introduce the Mackenza down comforter line, which is filled with white goose down and is the beat value. This down comforter comes in a very large variety of sizes (10 to be exact), and a summer weight and all year weight. Check out the amazing price. Comforter is made in the USA.
    Over Size King 108 X 94
    Queen Size 86 X 86
    Twin Size 68 X 86

  23. The rain is coming down in steady streams and the house has a fall chill.  There is no better way to warm up than to snuggle by the fireplace wrapped in a lightweight down blanket or a down alternative blanket.  Check out the great selection of colors and sizes to match every decor.
  24. Supersize Comforters Extraordinaire
    Finding unusually large down comforters or down alternative comforters can be challenging.  I want to let you know that we carry these very difficult to find sizes. Have a look at our Cascada down comforters which come in the supersize queen and the dimensions are 110 inches X 110 inches  (110” X 110”) and the super king size (120” X 120”).  This Cascada is filled with white goose down and has a loft of 300+.
    If you prefer a down alternative in the supersize, then the Sierra down alternative is just the right comforter.  This hypoallergenic comforter uses comforel fill which mimic the feel, warmth and weight of down.  This comforter series also comes in the supersize queen (110” X 110”) and the super size king (120” X 120”).  All of these comforters have a cotton sateen cover which is soft and luxurious to the touch. Check these out.
  25. Happy Thanksgiving To All of Our Canadian Friends
    There is no better way to sped this special day than with family and friends sharing a delicious turkey dinner, and stories of gratitude for the many blessing that we are granted with. Our family will be together on this holiday. A great way to finish the day is to snuggle either on your family chair and sofa wrapped in a warm cozy down throw. Check out the white down blankets that are available in great colors including sage, creme, blue and white. Down alternative throws are also available.

  26. What is Hungarian Down?
    Hungarian down is known as one of the best downs available and is used throughout the world. This down is exceptionally fluffy, with large strong down clusters which trap air and provide warmth. Hungarian down comes from mature birds, which provides premium quality down for superior down comforters.
    Check out some of our Hungarian Down Comforters.
  27. Baby Comforters - Down Alternative
    Our down alternative baby comforters are an excellent option for our young families considering a quality comforter that is budget friendly. These comforters use Comforel fiber as fill, which makes these comforters very lightweight, lofty and warm. The cotton shell will feel soft against your baby's skin. Check our Astra down alternative baby down comforter.

  28. Check out our Labor Day weekend sale.  Every item is on sale.  This is a great time to purchase those much needed comforters for your college age young adults.  Send them off to college knowing that they will have a quality night's sleep.
    Labor Day Weekend Sale Coming Next Week.
    It’s hard to believe that we are in the last few days of summer. September always brings change from schedules, to weather and activities. Some of us are heading back to work, and others are going off to school. Providing comfort during sleep for our loved ones and ourselves is important. I thought I would highlight our lightweight, twin down comforters today.
  30. Back To School
    Back to school where students are returning to college, university and neighborhood schools is just around the corner. As parents we rush to pick up supplies, clothes and yes even bedding for dorm rooms. Providing your child with a quality, easy to care for comforter that is non-allergic is important for a quality night's sleep. A down alternative twin comforter is a great choice as it provides warmth, is lightweight and budget friendly. Check these out.
  31. A benefit of a down comforter is that these comforters are veery light weight ad provide superior warmth.  Down alternatives use synthetic fill which is much heavier that down and is not as warm as down.  Down bedding is breathable, hence moisture is wicked away from the body.

  32. Why Choose a Down Alternative Comforter?
    Down alterntive comfortors are an excellent option for anyone considering a budget friendly option.  These comforters may be a prefered choice for allergy suffers as down alternative comforters are also completely hypoallergenic as long as they are kept clean.  Check our Sierra and Astra down alterntive comforter series.  They use Comforel fiber which closely imitates the warmth and feel of natural down.

  33. Down Comforters vs Alternative Down Comforters
    What is the dfference between a down and a down alternative comforter?
    Down comforters and down alternatives are both used as coverngs while you sleep.  The difference between the two is the type of fill used beween the shell.  Down comforters are filled with either goose or duck down.  Down alternatives are filled with synthetic fabrics.
  34. As the weather begins to warm, this becomes a great time to switch your regular weight comforter to a summer weight comforter or a down blanket.  Our down blankets provide enough warmth to provide a good nights sleep. Check our good selection of down blankets at a variety of price points.

  35. The long awaited sale is finally here. Check out the great prices on our quality down comforters which are all made in the USA. This weekend is a great time to purchase the down comforter of your dreams.

  36. Qualities of Eider Down
    Eider down comes from the Common Eider Duck a large migratory sea duck. This down is very highl prized, very rare and is found in high end down comforters. Eider down has excellent insulation properties and is extremely light weight.  This down is considered the softest and lightest in the world.

  37. When comparing duck vs goose down some differences are found.  In general, goose down tends to be more valuable than duck down.  Goose down clusters are larger more durable, resiliant and produce higher fill powers or loft than duck down.

  38. Is there really a difference between down and feathers. Absolutely. Feathers are a part of the outer covering of birds such as geese and ducks.  Feathers have quills ( long sharp and pointed center part of feather) and tend to be larger than down. Feathers can pierce fabric. Down is found under the feather and helps the birds stay warm. Somve of the characteristics of down is that is is insulating, fluffy, soft, airy and light weight.  Feathers work well when used in deorator pillows.  Down is much better suited to down duvets or sleeping pillows.
  39. What is loft in down.  Loft is a standard measurement for down.  Thismeasurement looks at one ounce of down and how much volume this one ounce fills. Currently the highest loft ever tested is 1000, however this is extremely rare.  When purchasing a down comforter it is important to consider the loft of the down comforter.  The higher the loft number, the higher the down quality, and the higher the loft the more light weight and puffy the down comforter is.

  40. Duck down comforters are an excellent alternative to goose down comforters.  Duck down comforters are very lightweight, fluffy and are especially excellent in the spring and fall time. These comforters have an excellent price point, for those who want the warmth of down and are looking for an economic alternative.  Our supplier Pacific Coast provides good quality duck down comforters. Have a look for your self.

  41. Regular fluffing of your down comforter is important to keep your comforter light and airy.  To complete this task take two end corners of the comforter and shake the comforter up and down vigorously 5 times.  Weekly fluffing will increase the warmth of the comforter and will redistribute the down and place air between the down. This is key to continued lightweght quilts and maintain fluffyness.

  42. I enjoyed walking around the neighborhood today, looking at all of the daffodils in bloom. Beautiful, bold yellow color everywhere.  When the daffodils are out, then its time to switch from your winter fill down comforter or your full weight down comforter, to a medium weight if you live in then northern states or Canada.  For those living in the southern states a spring, or lightweight comforter will do.
  43. A new echo-friendly and completely "green product" has been added to our comforter products.  Organa is just amazing.  This comforter's shell is constructed from certified organic cotton in combination with Lyocell a revolutionary new fabric made from wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree.  This Cotton/Lyocell shell combination results in a very durable fabric, that is incredibly soft, lightwight and strong.  The Lyocell in the fabric combination provides more consistent temperature control and a great ability to wick moisture form the sleeper, allowing for a quality sleep. Check out this new and improved down duvet.
  44. Next week we will be launching a fabulous new collection called our Organa Down Comforter Collection.  The reason we are so excited is that this down comforter line will be featuring an Organic Cotton and Lyocell blend shell.  The cotton part of this fabric is officially certified as organic.  That means that the cotton was grown with non-genetically engineered seeds, and has not been sprayed with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  This is a great new "green" product that we will be offering and are excited to share this with all of you. I will let every one know next week when it is available with a pciture attached. Be sure to check this out.

  45. Check out the savings on our first ever Boxing Day Sale.  This is a great time to purchase a warm down duvet for the comming winter months.

  46. Christmas is just around the corner. I know it is hard to believe.  This is just a reminder that the last day to place an order for Christmas delivery is December 20, 2015. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.  Another reminder is that you can have your purchase sent directly to that special someone in your life.
  47. I received an interesting question today and I thought I would provide some ideas around the question.  Today a customer asked me will a down throw work as well as a down comforter?  This is a good questions and I did some thinking on this.  The kids/toddler comforters come in 4 sizes, are all white in color, will require a comforter cover, and provide more warmth, loft and fluffness.  The down throw/blanket comes only in one size (35" X 55"), is less lofty or fluffy, and comes in several colors. The decrease loft and fill mean that it will be less warm. Check the down blanket, down throw tab and you will be able to see the vaious colors available.  An alternative to the kids down comforters are our down alternative kids/ toddler comforters.  These come in 4 sizes and are easy care as they do not neccessarily require a down cover and can easily be washed.  These down alternatives are also budget friendly.  I just thought I would take some time to clarify the difference.

  48. Check out our new savings offer.  We are offering 10% of all merchandise.  This is our winter savings sale. Purchase that down comforter that you have been wanting to own.
  49. Check out our free shipping on all orders over $200.00. Take advantage of this very special offer.  Save money while completing your Christmas Shopping.
  50. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are days away and we want to let you know that we will be running our annual Christmas special.  Yes we will have Free Shipping to anywhere in the US.  This is a great savings for your pocket book.  Consider purchasing your Christmas Gift and having it sent directly to that special person in your life. This will make your Christmas shopping easy and you will have the advantage of saving money.  Mark your calanders as our special starts in just 4 days.

  51. As I was looking at my calander today, I realized that November is moving very quickly.  I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know that we will be having our popular "Free Shipping" for that weekend.  Letting everyone know ahead of time gives an opportunity to look at your Christmas Gift List and then take advantage of the free shipping.  We have a great selection of comforters for each and everyone on your gift list.  Take time to look at our comforters and then have them shipped directly to the home of each of your special people. 

  52. I just finished my walk outside.  The air was nippy and beneath my feet was a great layer of thick crunchy leaves.  The atmoshere was beautiful.  Oh how I enjoy fall, as it means I am closer to my favorite time of year namely Christmas.  After I finished my walk, i did park myself infront of the fireplace with a lightweight down blanket wrapped around my legs. Pure bliss.  This is a great time to think of having a down blanket ready to pull over you as fall turns into winter.  Have a lok at our excellent selection of down blankets that are all manufactured in the USA.  Today is Halloween.  Enjoy your evening safely

  53. Need to have a down comforter shipped overseas. Try a shipping company that specializes in overseas shipments such as or Compare prices to see which company works best.  There are numerous other companies that provide similar services.  Let me know what has been working for you in the past.  If you have any questions email or call me. To clarify, our company would ship your down comforter to the shipping company that you have choosen to use for your overseas shipment and then this company would forward this to you.  Hope this helps get your comforters overseas.

  54. A new baby is a very special event and worth celebrating.  A baby down comforter is just the perfect gift. Our baby comforters come in four sizes and fit a variety of cribs.  These down comforters are light, fluffy and warm. Grandparents this is a wonderful gift for your new grand baby.  The result is a good sleep.

  55. The first day of fall has been sunny, beautiful with a hint of crispness in the air. This is just about the right time to consider placing your down comforter on your bed, especially if sleeping with your windows at night.  Using a duvet cover keeps the down comforter clean and extends the life of the comforter.  Purchase  a cover from our Hotel selection.
  56. Labor Day Weekend Special
    We are offering free shipping to US destinations on all orders over $200.00.
    Take advantage of this special offer.

  57. College age students will be starting college in 1 month.  Most college dorms can be cool. Consider purchasing a twin size down comforter for your college age student.  This gift will provide comfort, warmth and a great nights sleep.  Parents, a down comforter can be an awesome gift to your college age student and they can think of you when then cuddle under their very warm new down comforter.

  58. Consider our petite down blankets when looking for a down comforter for a baby quilt.  These down blankets come in a variety of colors including blue, sage, creme and white.  The petite size is 35 " X 55" and has a 4 oz. fill.

  59. Check out our new Budget Friendly and Low Cost Comforters category.  We have had several requests to help customers choose quality, budget friendly, affordable comforters that are made in the USA.  I have choose what I think are excellent quality comforters both down filled and down alternative and placed them into our new category of "Low Cost and Bargain" Comforters.  This will allow good choices at affordable prices. I hope this will helpin narrowing down your choices. Let me know what you think.

  60. Free Shipping for the Holiday Weekend. Starting Saturday morning and running until Monday Oct. 13, 2013 midnight, we will be offering free shipping to our customers in the USA.

  61. Consider a down comforter an investment. To keep your  down comforter clean and extend its life span, cover it with your choice of comforter cover. 

  62. Its time to get ready for college in the next few weeks. Dorms can be cool and uninviting. Consider puchasing a warm and lofty down or down alternaive comforter for your college age young adult.  These comforters will provide good quality sleeps, something every student needs when studing. Look at our excellent priced twin down comforters.

  63. I am beginning to add a very luxurious, high end comforter to our product list.  Our new eiderdown filled comforters are wrapped in 100% silk and give a sence of the exotic. Check out these unique comforters.

  64. I am just in the process of adding new products to our inventory.  We will soon be carrying Eiderdown Duvets and Eiderdown Comforters, the absolute in luxury bedding. Watch our product list as they are comming soon.

  65. Summer is literally around the corner and a good time to begin using your lightweight or summer weight comforters. As down can be very warm, using the summer weight will be enough to provide a quality sleep.  If you are looking for a more moderately priced comforter that is a summer wieght consider a Sierra or Astra comforter.

  66. I have recently added an exellent selection of down alternative comforters at excellent prices. These value priced down alternative comforters come in a wide range of prices from the baby and toddler sizes to the very large or supreme and supersizes.

  67. Have a look at our overisze or supersize down comforters.  Our 110 X 110, or 120 X 120 sizes can be difficulty to find and fit those oversize mattresses well. Our oversize down comforters come in three weights including summer weight, all year weight and winter weight.
  68. Dear Velma,
    I got the comforter yesterday -- a pleasant surprise. Thanks a lot for sending it so quickly.
    I used it last night -- heavenly! Exactly what I was hoping for...
    Best wishes,
  69. As the weather warms you may want to think about changing to a lighter weight down comforter. Our 3 in 1 down comforter is a great option.
  70. I wanted to let all of my customers know that I the manufacture that I work with is back from an extended holiday break and we are able to get the down comforters out in 2-3 days. Great turn around time.
  71. Our manufacture reopens today after an extended easter holiday. We will be getting all of your ordered down comforters to you as quickly as possible.
  72. Just a friendly reminder to our British Columbia cumstomers that on April 1, 2013 we are returning to the PST and GST.
  73. Spring is a great time of year to change from your winter or all year down comforter to a sumer down comforter. As the temperature increases outside and in your home a lighter weight down comforter may meet your needs. Have a look at our Cascada down comforters as they are excellent quality for price and we carry a fabulous selection of sizes.
  74. Need to have a down comforter shipped overseas. Try a shipping company that specializes in overseas shipments such as or Compare prices to see which works best. If you have any questions, email or call me. 
  75. August is a great time to look for twin down comforters for the students going away to college. Dorms can be cool at night and snuggling into a warm cozy down comforter will give your student a great sleep. A good sleep will give energy to study and enjoy campus life.  We carry quality twin size down comforters in all price points.
  76. A question that I have recieved from Naomi today is: Do down comforters have to have a duvet cover and secondly does down comforter world carry any duvet covers.  All down comforters should have a duvet cover placed over them.  A duvet quilt or duvet cover protects the down comforter from getting soiled and increases the longevity of the down comforter. A clean down comforter does not have to be washed often thereby decreasing the wear and tear on the comforter. Down Comforter World does not carry any duvet covers as we currently specialize in down comforters only.
  77. Blogging is new for me.  I receive numerous emails asking me questions about down comforters, and how to choose the correct down comforter.  I have decided to use this blog as a forum to communicate information about our down comforters. I will also post questions asked and the answers that I provide. I am hoping that this will make it easier for each of you to choose the best down comforter that will meet the needs that each of you individually have.  I am very interested in hearing from each of you as this will allow me to choose products that work and are of excellent quality. So let the adventure begin.

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