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Eiderdown Comforters

Eiderdown Quilts and Eiderdown Duvets

Eiderdown - the ultimate in luxury bedding for your seaside home, penthouse, estate home or executive suite.  Cover your special bed with exceptional quality and a touch of the exotic when you choose eider duck down bedding.  An Eiderdown quilt is superior to other down types in numerous ways.  The down form an Eider duck is very insulating , has a very high fill power, and the down form this duck has the best insulating properties of any natural substance.  This makes Eiderduck down very warm, soft and light weight as a bed covering for your favorite bedroom.  The down form the Eiderduck is also eco-friendly as it is collected by specialized farmers from the duck nest after the young Eider ducklings have left the nests.  This duck down is considered a green product because of its insulating properties. When owning your very own specialized Eider down comforter, the furnace or heaters in your home can be turned down low as your specialized luxury duck comforter can provide a cozy and warm night's sleep.
Our Eider down duvets come in three down weights.  These down weights include a summer weight which is used in a warmer room, when the temperature is warm or when you are a warmer when sleeping, an all year weight, and a winter weight which is used in an unusually cool sleeping room or when the temperature is much cooler.  Different comforter weights provide a variety of choices and assist in providing the most comfortable sleep possible for you.
Eider duck comforters are the finest, warmest and the most luxurious comforters in the world.  Owning an eider down comforter is a wonderful treasure and should be considered an heirloom which can be passed down to the next generation as they are long lasting.
Own today a quality, unique and luxurious comforter which is eco-friendly, eco-green, and will keep you warm and cozy while you sleep.  Discover and own this wonderful Eiderdown treasure by purchasing a comforter today.

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