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How to Choose a Down Comforter

Step 2: Choose The Warmth and Weight of Down Comforter

Light Weight
Choose a lightweight
comforter if you sleep in a
moderately warm room
(24C to 18C or 75).
Choose a lightweight
if you are a
warmer than average sleeper.
Year Round
Choose a year round
if you sleep in
a cool room
(18C to 12C or
64F to 54F).
Choose year round
if you are an
average warmth sleeper.
Extra Warm
Choose an extra warm
if you sleep in a
cold room
(under 12 C or 54F).
Choose extra warm
if you are 
a colder than average sleeper.

Our comforters are lightweight and will keep you comfortable in the summer and provide you with warmth in the winter. The warmth of our comforters will depend on the temperature of the room you are sleeping in and the warmth level of your own body.

Step 3:  Choose the Construction and Fill Power of Down Comforter

Fill Power: refers the space that one ounce of down will occupy in one cubic inch. If the fill power number is higher then the comforter is constructed of better quality and larger down clusters. These larger down clusters trap air which keeps the sleeper warmer. As fill power increases, the value of the down goes up.

Thread Count: refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. A fabric with higher thread count, is more durable and softer, and keeps dirt from getting inside the comforter. Construction: refers to the way the comforter is sewn.

Baffle sewing is when the fabric walls are sewn together keeping the down clumps from shifting. This allows the air to be trapped evenly and provides even warmth while you sleep. Still Undecided: If you are still having difficulty choosing which down comforter that meets your needs, then please go to the contact us page and we will make every effort to answer your questions and direct you to the correct down comforter that meets your need. We have great prices on all of our down comforters.

Enjoy sleeping in a premium quality designer down comforter from Down Comforter World and save up to 30% when purchasing our hand crafted down bedding from us. Our down comforters come in a variety of down types including polish white goose down and hungarian goose down. We also carry excellent quality down comforters and down blankets made by Pacific Coast Feather Company. Our down quilts come in a large selection of sizes including supreme down duvets, oversize king down duvets, king down duvets, oversize queen down duvets, queen down duvets, full/double down duvets, twin down duvets and kids down duvets. Choosing the correct down duvet is important to us and we have a three step process called how to choose a down comforter to assist in the perfect purchase of down bedding that best meets your needs. After purchasing your down quilt, it is important to understand how to care for your down comforter. We provide easy instructions and ideas on how to care and clean for your down bedding. Down Comforter World has great down quilts, and at even better prices.

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