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3-IN-1 All Season Oversize King  Down Comforter 108" x 94"
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3-IN-1 All Season Oversize King Down Comforter 108" x 94"

3-IN-1 All Season Oversize King Down Comforter 108" X 94"

Gread affordability and versatility for an oversize king down comforter. Consider this new 3-In-1 white goose down comforter 108" X 94". This is the only down comforter that you will every need.  The   3-In-1 or three way down comforter is 3 down comforters in one. This three way comforter is actually a summer weight and an all year weight comforter. Both can be combined together to give a full weight white goose down comforter. Unique snaps on the summer weight and all year weight comforter can be snapped together for a seamless combination of the two to give maximum warmth. When used separately, the light weight down comforter can be used when the temperature is warmer, the all year weight comforter can be used when sleeping in a cooler room and when the two comforters are combined to make an extra warm down comforter for colder temperatures.

  • Size: 108 inches X 94 inches
  • Fill Weight: 25 oz (summer weight) + 40 oz. (all year weight) = 65 oz (winter weight) when combined
  • Down Type: White Goose Down
  • Fill or Loft: 600 +
  • Thread Count: 300 Thread Count
  • Shell Construction: 100 % Cotton Cambric with Baffled Box Construction
  • Color: White
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Thank youDear Velma,

I got the comforter yesterday -- a pleasant surprise. Thanks a lot for sending it so quickly.

I used it last night -- heavenly! Exactly what I was hoping for...

Best wishes,

Written by Christa on Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:17:59 AM GMT
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