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Queen Down Comforters

Queen Size Down Comforters

Excellent Selection Of Queen Down Comforters

Have you recently purchased a new queen size bed? Are you looking for a queen quilt to use with your newly purchased bed set?  Looking for a quality queen down comforter to set your bed apart from everyone else?  Consider our uniquely eco-friendly crafted Queen Down Comforters (86 X 86, 90X 98) as a must for you to own.  Our queen duvets and quilts are filled with white goose down including, Hungarian white goose down, Siberian white goose down, Canadian white down and Polish white goose down.  All of our queen down comforters will provide years of warmth and a long comfortable nights sleep.  Ordering the correct size of your duvet or quilt is very important.  We may be able to assist you in your size choice of queen bedding to ensure you are satisfied. Bed and mattress sizes vary greatly and we suggest taking the measurements of your mattress and bed prior to ordering as this will assist in ensuring your needs will be met.

   Queen down quilt -  light weight (86 X 86, 90 X 98).

   Queen down quilt -  medium weight (86 X 86, 90 X 98).

   Queen down quilt - full weight (86 X 86, 90 X 98).

All of our queen down quilts are handcrafted locally in North America and come in three different weights or fills to ensure you sleep comfortably at night.  Choosing he correct duvet or down comforter weight will ensure you are satisfied with your choice.  To assist you with the down fill types and weights types consider the following factors.   A lightweight queen down comforter is excellent for use in the summer or when sleeping with a warm room.  A queen down quilt (86 X 86) made into a medium weight down comforter can be used all year round or when your bedroom temperature is average.   A full weight queen down quilt is used in winter, when sleeping with an open window or in a cold air conditioner setting which leads to an especially cool room.   If you require more information in your choice of down types or comforter weights you may consider the information provided in  choosing a down comforter.  Each weight of duvet has specially chosen with the correct down loft and white goose down fill.  Shop now for your carefully chosen queen down comforters (86 X 86) and you will have many nights of quality sleep.  Enjoy owning your down quilt and down duvet.

Queen Size Down Comforter & Duvet

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