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Supersize Supreme Down Comforters

Supersize Supreme Down Comforters

Exclusive Supersize, Oversize Down Comforters For Your Designer Bed.

Providing exclusive extra large designer duvet sizes, is something we specialize in.  Unusual designer linen sizes can be challenging to locate. We can assist you. Supersize (110 X 110), supreme size (120 X 120) and oversize down comforters are specifically constructed to fit your extra large designer beds.  Our duvets and quilts are filled with white goose down and Hungarian white goose down.  Each of our own down duvets including our supersize (110 X 110), supreme size (120 X 120) and oversize down bedding will provide years of warmth and many long comfortable night's sleep. Order now your supreme duvet (120 X 120), supersize duvet (110 X 110) and oversize duvet. Simply selecting our down bedding ensures peaceful and dreamy nights, plus we have the supersize (110 X 110), supreme size duvet (120 X 120) or oversize down duvet that matches your personal bed size.  As the size of all beds vary, taking the measurement of your bed prior to ordering a down comforter is especially important.  This will ensure that you will be very happ[y with your purchase and that it will meet your unique sleeping needs.

     Supersize Down Cover ( 110 X 110)

     Supreme Size Down Comver (120 X 120)

Each of our supersize quilts (110 X 110), oversize quilts and supreme quilts (120 X 120) come in three different weights. Discovering your down comforter weight for your unique oversize duvet (110 X 110), supersize duvet (110 X 110), and supreme size duvet (120 X 120) ensures simply the most comfortable sleep.  The endless choices of duvet weights and beautifully handcrafted quilts includes, either a light weight down comforter, medium weight, or full weight down duvet.  Your light weight fluffy supersize down linen, supreme size down linen or oversize down linen is excellent for use in the summer or when sleeping in a warm room.  Our oversize, super size or supreme size medium weight down covers will be used all year round in a normal or average temperature room.  We suggest full weight super size down quilt (110 X 110), supereme down quilt or super size down quilt is used primarily in winter or when sleeping in an especially cool room. Today choose your correct down linen weight, by browsing through choosing a down comforter.  Each weight of duvet will be filled with the perfect white goose down with superior loft. Shop now, for our carefully handcrafted and designer supersize down comforters (110 X 110), supreme size down comforters (120 X 120) and oversize down comforters.  They are excellent gift ideas for birthdays and anniversaries.  Using your choice of duvet cover over your designer down bedding will protect your quilt and allow it to remain clean.  Use our cleaning and caring ideas for your designer quilt.  This will ensure that your designer down bedding will last and provide a quality, calm dreamy night's sleep for many years.  We take pride in offering unique quality products which are delivered directly to your home. Buy now and save.

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